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Some Valentine’s Day Drama

Here at Fibonacci Sequins, we’re all about recycling. After all, we’re Seattle-ites (sometimes). We have to pass the recycle test before we’re allowed to live here! (That’s not true, but it might as well be). We’ll come back to recycling in a minute.

For Dona, every day is Valentine’s Day.IMG_8285

Indulging in wine and chocolates? Daily sustenance! (What are we, barbarians?)

Wearing red on the regular? It’s a neutral!

Expressing her affection for the ones she loves?  Yes, every day!

Since every day is Valentine’s Day, why relegate wearing a good Valentine’s Day outfit just once a year?  Fashion is one of the biggest industries to cause waste in the world and we’re big fans of finding multiple ways to wear our fanciest and most casual pieces.   This red beaded vintage 20s flapper dress is no exception: perfect for both day AND night!

What? There’s no way you can wear a red, beaded flapper thing for work, you say? WRONG, we say!


How about with a boyfriend blazer (to exhibit some law & order in meetings), fingerless fuzzy gloves (to keep your fingers warm in the subzero office temperatures) and a scarf? So pro.

Dress is vintage from Pretty Parlour in Seattle. Something similar is here. The jacket is by Theory and the scarf is a find from one of the thousand plaid shops in Edinburgh.  The boots are the trusty Stuart Weitzman Highlands which Dona literally lives in (an almost duplicate one that all of our blogger friends love are these)  and the fingerless gloves are handmade in Seattle. IMG_8306

For an evening event, date night, girls night or just brunch, the white cape is the perfect topper during this chilly season. This specific one was was negotiated in a vintage shop in Paris many years ago but this one is quite awesome too. Dona is pretty proud she not only haggled en francais but also got a price 1/4 of what was quoted. Vintage AND haggling? Oh mon dieu!

If there’s anything Dona loves almost as much as her people, it’s haggling a great deal.

And Beth? How does she feel about Valentine’s Day?


Ah…Valentine’s Day. What better day for flower crowns than valentines day? Consider taking a break from indulging your inner ironic hipster and find a suitably revealing dress to pair with it.


Featuring the Microsoft Band of course, because how will you judge the quality of the date if you can’t keep constant tabs on your heart rate??


Dress: American Apparel. Shoes: Ecco. Flower crown: H&M.

Haha just kidding. This Valentines Day, show your distaste for american capitalism/consumer greed by going the full IDGAF. (PSA: Dona did not approve of Beth climbing up into this sketch fire escape thing)

Shirt: Forever21. Jeans: Dr Denim. Jacket: Carrie Hoxton.




Yes, sheis sitting on a barrel….because Valentine’s Day.



Happy Valentine’s Day friends. Thank you for showing us so much love this year! 


Dona & Beth


Fashion Post

Merry Christmas Y’all


Definitely the highlight of the photoshoot, let’s be real

Here at Fibonacci Sequins, we insist on celebrating every single thing, including this incredible year we’ve had as well as finding free stuff like this excellent free DOOR by the side of the road.

What better way to sum up this killer year than a fun photoshoot in Seattle where we loiter on other people’s lawns to show off our fashion finds from our travels?

Here is Beth rocking a dress she acquired on her first Nasty Gal binge during a recruiting trip to LA and this is her favorite way to wear it. Skinny jeans are warmer than tights but still super cute, especially with the leg warmers. The jacket over the top is mandatory for the crazy Seattle weather as well as a way to edge this gorgeous dress up on days when law & order need to be handed out.

Dona is really loving this dress by her friends at Ohne Titel.  It works incredibly well from telling dudes what to do during the day all the way to cocktails with the girls at night!  She winds up wearing this almost every week because of the stretchy fit and because it’s her favorite color. Also, did you know the dress was made with Excel? (See? Everyone should be tech literate!) The faux fur white jacket is something she wears with pride as she negotiated for it in a vintage boutique in pioneer square from $80 down to $24 (“It’ll look better on me than on the hanger!”)

This is some serious fashion modeling going down at the Japanese Garden by Beth.  The white cape is also a result of the Nasty Gal binge and she loves layering over all kinds of things during her acts of daytime superheroism, but also wearing it with this awesome blanket scarf!

The fringe suede skirt was a result of an impulse purchase at Nasty Gal on aforementioned recruiting trip and the AMAZING black tuxedo jacket is the result of Dona’s hard work of standing in line at 8 am for the HM x Balmain event in November in NYC.  The beaded and ropey top was also part of the HM collection and Dona can’t think of a single season it’s not perfect for.  Worn over a turtleneck for winter–check. Worn over a long skirt for summer – check.

Tell you more about the “I Never Wear Sensible Shoes” clutch?  Other than pure truth, it’s also a NYC find and is by local artist Pamela Barsky at Chelsea Market.

What a year it’s been for us at Fibonacci Sequins. We can hardly believe we’ve only been around for 6 months and in that time have made so many friends, profiled so many stylish STEM people, traveled the world and have seriously upped our fashion game.

Merry Christmas friends and glasses raised all around to a fabulous 2016!


Dona & Beth


Fashion Post

What Do NASDAQ and Cosmo Have in Common?


Every company is a tech company. Do you use email? Do you use social media? Do you look at customer data? Do you have machines and other automated systems that do work that humans used to have to? Yep, you work in a tech company.  Do you have the right tools in your toolbelt to succeed?


Surreal much? Speaking at NASDAQ on the importance of tech literacy

I attended two extraordinary events in one day recently and learned some very important lessons from both.

First up was kicking off Computer Science Week at NASDAQ with an Hour of Code event. I spoke to an audience of business leaders, press and students about the importance of tech literacy in the classroom. Back in the day where we lived in tribes, she or he who knew how to read had a superpower and emerged at tribe leader because they could read messages passed from one tribe to another.  This is still true today. She or he is tech who is tech literate will emerge as tribe leader, because they will be able to understand how to do things better, faster and cheaper than ever before.

I met many students, ages 6-17. They had all been coding for two or more years.They weren’t approaching the two games (Minecraft and Star Wars) with newness and wonder.


Leo hacked the Star Wars game and got it to crash in 20 minutes. Someone hire this kid!

They were approaching them with confidence and even some fun attitude! For example, six year old Leo was like, “Who needs an hour for this? I was able to finish and even crash the game by adding a 100 new character in 20 minutes.”

It was incredible to see the difference between these students and many I’ve seen in the past who have never been exposed to computer science before (like me at their age!) who are usually afraid to even start.  Their confidence in being able to solve a brand new problem using the logical thought process they had learned through coding was astounding. As one young woman pointed out to me, “Coding helps me think in different ways. Now when I can’t figure out a social studies problem, I think of it like a coding problem: figure out what I’m trying to do, break the problem into individual small ones, solve them all and make sure they all fit together.”

I realized during this event the power of what is doing. They aren’t just teaching computer science in the classroom, they are teaching confidence and modern thinking ability.


Power Women Unite! Katie Couric and Julie Larson-Green, the Chief Experiences Office at Microsoft talking Women in Tech

Computer Science doesn’t care where you come from or who your parents are. is leveling the playing field, one classroom at a time by teaching this new “superpower” that absolutely should be taught in every classroom.

In contrast, the next event I went to was Joanna Coles’ Cosmo 100 Influential Women’s Power Lunch.  This is a yearly event that Joanna throws to bring together women in media, fashion, publishing, design, politics and this year, tech.  Julie Larson-Green, Chief Experiences Office at Microsoft was the belle of the ball giving away gifts and being a stunning fashionista as always.

I was a happy peon, star-struck by being in the same room with so many women I’ve admired for years.  I mean, we all grew up with DJ Tanner and Katie Couric!  It was pretty incredible watching


Eva Chen of Instagram, Stella Bugbee of The Cut and Laverne Cox of Orange in the New Black

deals being made, guest appearances being planned and relationships being formed in a series of frenzied conversations.

I had a chance to meet one of my heroes, the great Rebecca Minkoff, the first mainstream fashion designer to embrace tech in her fashion line and stores with phone charging handbags and virtual dressing room mirrors.


Candace Cameron Bure–host on The View. Will always be childhood role model DJ Tanner!

Also, it was a pleasure to meet Eva Chen, who earlier this year joined a tech company! She made the move from being Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine to being the Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram.

When I introduced myself to these amazing women, a look of surprise passed over every single one of their faces. “Oh, you’re a smart girl!” I heard once. “You definitely do not look like an engineer,” I heard many, many times. “I could never do what you do,” I heard most of all.

I realized how strange it was to hear these incredibly accomplished women who lead business, news networks, fashion houses, publishing houses, magazine groups and political parties say they were…intimidated by tech, something the kids from earlier in the day thought was fun and easy.

And simply because of lack of exposure. These women solve some of the world’s biggest problems every day, yet, they felt that it was “too late” for them to become tech literate.


Me with Courtney Kemp Agboh, host of STARZ Power and Janet Mock, host of MSNBC.

It’s never too late to become tech literate. Tech changes so fast that what I learned in college many years ago is no longer relevant. In fact the people graduating college today are more up-to-date with tech than anyone in my generation.  We constantly have to be learning to stay relevant.  This morning as I wrote this article, I was learning about Flarum, an open source forum software for a project I’m doing at work.  My skill is not knowing every single tech tool out there, it’s being able to quickly analyze one to see if it suits my needs and what I need to learn to use it.


With Karen Fondu, President of L’Oreal Paris

It’s so critical for business leaders to understand how to do certain business critical things more easily: how do you scale your online business to more customers? How do you collect customer data and use it to create new things and experiences?

How can we automate old, manual processes and kill off mind-numbing work?

If I have one goal after the Cosmo lunch, it was to make clear to business leaders that you do not need to “make” tech to be tech literate. You do not need to become a coder to use tech to make your business and life better. Just like you don’t need to write books to be literate.


That’s not Tilda Swinton! With the great Joanna Coles. Hostess and Partythower Extraordinaire.

And most of all, it’s definitely not too late to become tech literate.

Joanna Coles immediately got it. She asked me to come and teach her how to start. This is why she has been a relevant business leader for over 30 years while reinventing herself several times. I realize that if Joanna gets it, she will make sure her millions of readers will too. I will be continuing my quest to spread this message through various mediums, so please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

Happy Holidays. May 2016 be the start of tech literacy for all.

Dona Sarkar

Early Career, Fashion Post

#AutumnFeels, a story by Beth

I love fall. I mean it’s amusing to me that you call it fall (Autumn is such a good name!), but I still love it. Especially in Seattle, where I’m start to remember what cold feels like, while still having time to appreciate the sunlight before it disappears for 6 months.

But I have to say it. I don’t really understand pumpkin spice.I like pumpkin at least as much as the next person, but how about instead of PS we had decent chai? #AskingTheRealQuestions

These photos are a mix of shots from Kim and Dona – teaching Dona to use my camera has been great (she’s a ridiculously fast learner), and means I now have way more non-selfie photos of myself ^.^

IMG_3769 IMG_3736


I struggle to make decisions if I don’t have a pillow to hide behind or a huge blanket to cocoon inside, so blanket scarves are the greatest thing ever. This plaid one sheds so much that Dona jokes it’s like ‘bring your cat to work day’ whenever I wear it.

This outfit is the epitome of fall layering – adding scarves, layers and jackets as the weather changes. I’m hyper-sensitive to temperature change, so I find it useful to be able to shed layers as I walk somewhere in order to stabilise my internal thermals. My mum knitted these gloves for me, and they’re great for days when I need to feel a little edgy. The boots are Timberlands, and the tread is great for when Seattle gets slippery in the rain.

IMG_4310Some days you need to wear a blanket instead of just draping one over you and calling it a scarf. Don’t worry, Zara has a solution for that too.

I thought I was really into clean blacks and whites but something about fall turns me a little crazy – around this time last year I wanted to paint my kitchen orange and green. So after regaining my senses I now have a hard rule that says orange/green don’t get to be worn together, no matter how much of a good idea I think that would be (notable exception: Pumpkin costumes for halloween <3).

You’ll notice a bunch of similarities between this outfit and the one above. I’m all about combining staple pieces (e.g. this olive shirt) in different ways for my default outfits (this works really well for fall layering), and then switching out for a dress whenever I need to easily kick it up a notch.

Suede is my new everythingI thought I was too cool for suede riding boots but who am I kidding suede is my everything

These (waterproof) suede boots are Cole Haan. I’ve been eyeing Fluevog’s navy (green) Sugars for a while, but I can’t justify $400 for an only almost-perfect boot. I did have a wardrobe hole for a good staple pair of boots to wear with jeans (I’m learning to roll my jeans, like you can see in the first outfit with my Timberlands, but it’s not something I’m crazy comfortable with yet), so after a few weeks of wasting my life scrolling through different websites and trawling through stores to no avail I yolo’d on this pair from Amazon.

They’re the realization of all of my hopes and dreams! The inside is a beautiful houndstooth material, and the soles have decent grip (necessary for Seattle, and as someone who wears shoes very hard).

I’m yet to get over autumn leaves – I’m constantly having to school myself while driving that no I cannot take a picture of that tree while we’re stopped. Life’s a struggle.


This hat, like most excellent things in life, is stolen from a good friend. (Hi Dora! <3)

Having already confessed an appreciation for staple pieces, it shouldn’t be surprising that having a collection of jackets/coats is an important part of my cooler-weather wardrobe. I’ve wanted a camel coat for a while, and yolo’d on this Zara one – it’s lightweight, so perfect for layering, and the slightly shorter sleeves make it great for showcasing gloves/longer sleeved shirts.

Shirts like this awesome turtleneck I found at express, for instance. I’ve been jonesing for a turtleneck for quite a while – they work tucked into skirts or left out over skinny jeans, and they’re a total classic. I can’t get over how great it looks when Dona pairs hers with her yellow skirt. Plus I read a cover article about Elizabeth Holmes in the airport last week and her love of them only makes me more pleased with my life choices.

 IMG_4009 IMG_4041
Ice cream is the best autumn accessory hands down

I’m super into Essie, and some of their colors are perfect for fall. This reddish/maroon one is Angora Cardi, but I also recommend Sew Psyched and Ladylike. I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses, both full-stop and for autumn. I love to pair it with sage tights, a grey waistcoat and my purple boots to feel adorable AF. My jewelry (rings, rings, earrings) are all modcloth (aside from the staple Withings watch).

Next on my fall to-do list is to visit the Arboretum! I moved to Seattle last November and didn’t manage it then, so it has to happen this season. Hopefully we’ll do a photoshoot there in the 1 weekend of November that we’re both in Seattle (crazy schedules!)

This year does have a tough job trying to top 2014’s Thanksgiving snow. So, we’ll see.

Fashion Post, Industry Veterans

Wake Dona Up When September Starts (No really, do, I love fall!)

Ah, fall. Where a not-so-young woman’s thoughts turn to…cozy mornings spent with a hot cup of coffee wrapped in knits and (faux) furs. I LOVE fall. It feels like…new beginnings.  New year full of possibilities. A chance for reinvention.  But first thing: The Fall Wardrobe.

No lie, the big, fat issues of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Glamour, MORE and many others are what I live for in September.  I easily spend two entire weekends learning all of the latest trends and watching repeats of the New York Fashion Week coverage over and over.

Then comes the best part, the shopping.  This year I did what I usually do – got some lower-cost basics as well as a few statement pieces.  Here are some of the outfits I’m loving:


OMG this coat. This coat is my favorite thing I bought this year and is reserved for fashion events and date nights with my sweetheart.

I got it in NYC during my book launch event with consumer press. I was walking through SoHo and I saw it in the window of a little boutique called 3NY. I practically sprinted across the street to investigate. It looked steampunk, futuristic, elegant…and terrible, impractical white. I had to have it.  It’s by an independent designer named SoHung (Tom) Tong of SoHung Designs who went to Parson’s School of Design and his works are legit pieces of art. Each one is hand-made and one of a kind. I am wildly in love with his work.

I wore this to the Rachel Zoe show at Bellevue Fashion Week and just random people kept asking where it was from. I felt so bad I didn’t have cards to give credit to Tom. The man is a genius. I will be making a stop into both 3NY and Tim’s boutique every chance I get for sure.


The piece de resistance of the whole shoot? The boots. OH THE BOOTS! I have been lusting and longing for these Stuart Weitzman Highland over-the-knee suede boots for 2 years. Last time I was in NYC in 2013 I tried them on 3 different times and talked myself out of buying them since they were expensive.  I instead, “bought around them”, where I got 3 other pairs of boots that I didn’t like as much, that weren’t as good quality and wound up spending as much as I would have on these!  I wear these pretty much every day.  The heel is high (around 4 inches), but is chunky so I can walk around in them all day. I found these lower cost ones that are a great intro pair for other boot addicts.


This next outfit (featuring said boots) is something I’d wear to work, around town to brunch, or take on a trip. Just great basics that can be mixed with many other things.

I fell in love with this mustard coloured skirt at Zara. Zara always has fun, trendy things that are generally work-appropriate and when I took this skirt into the dressing room and tried it on with every single top I’d chosen, it went with literally everything. I have a serious love affair with yellow things. Anytime someone is wearing a yellow thing, I have to comment on it like some kind of moth to a flame problem. Here is something similar.

The black off-the-shoulder sweater is also from Zara and something I’ve been looking for for a while since my last year’s one is all stretched out and pilly and weird.  Something similar is here. The faux fur is from a few years ago from the Saks Fifth Outlet in Minneapolis where my sister lives. I love it because of the fun memories of me and Bonnie (sis) doing serious damage at Saks while our husbands looked amazed at our ability to hunt down the best deals ever.  I have felt this strong affinity with wearing white after Labour Day this year for some reason and I kind of randomly threw the vest on as I was about to leave my apartment and I really liked how it looks. Something similar is here


The last outfit is just fun.  This is something I’d wear for a stroll around town in any city in cold weather, but especially somewhere glamourous like NYC, Paris or Madrid. I got the hooded cape in NYC (similar here) at my favorite vintage place on earth, New York Vintage. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s Rachel Zoe’s favorite. I mean, check this out. That’s pretty much me every time I’m there. I got an amazing pair of vintage Alexander McQueen ankle boots there and this cape. And the best part is that you get to NEGOTIATE which is pretty much the best thing in the whole world.

A lot of people ask me about my fuchsia lipstick that I wear almost every day. It’s this incredible long-wearing liquid-turned-matte by Kat Von D called Bauhaus. Extremely flattering on all skin-tones.


Under the cape, I’m in suede pants from Rachel Roy, who makes really good quality basics and a sheer white blouse with gold, metal tassle things from my Zara haul. The shoes are trusty Fluevogs, lovely ones called Ludovika,  a pair I got in San Francisco during the HoloLens team’s //BUILD event in San Francisco (BONUS! You can see our very own Beth Crane in this vid). I love these because they are cute with the laces in or pulled out.

So there it is, some of my favorite fall looks. I’m about to hit the road for a month long adventure starting with Grace Hopper in Houston the past week, then a 2 week book tour in Spain, France and the UK where I will be visiting and speaking at MBA schools about tech + business, followed by a week in NYC teaching a coding + cocktails event to members of the consumer press. I’m feeling pretty good about my fall looks and fashion hall. For the first time, I will be practicing capsule dressing with 4 tops and 3 bottoms, 2 jackets and 2 pairs of shoes. I’ll post updates. Wish me luck!

Till next month for the mid-season update.